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Wouldn’t you like to find out vital facts about the home’s history?

Get the peace of mind and due diligence available with a HomeVerified™ Report.

Buying a home is likely the single largest purchase of your

life, for this reason we are proud to add this invaluable

service to home buyers looking for their dream home. 

HomeVerified™ is a service providing you with nation-wide

data, in an easy-to-read and detailed electronic report which

includes important information about the home. 


These reports contain information about: 

  • Insurance claims history for the home and the neighbourhood, such as water damage, theft and fire

  • Marijuana grow-up and meth lab history for the home and the neighbourhood

  • Local school ratings

  • Neighbourhood demographics and amenities, such as banks, coffee shops, transit and shopping

  • Local political representatives


Access to this information is great for home buyers and adds a new level of confidence to the sale. It also provides you with an easy reference for both your prospective home and the neighbourhood. To learn more about this service, contact us.