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NCR Home Inspection conducts visual inspections while using investigative technical tools intended to identify components that are significantly deficient, unsafe or near the end of their life. We inspect single family dwelling, detached, semi-detached or townhomes, multi-unit residential building and condominiums.

Residential Inspections


Certified Master Inspector (CMI)® is both a U.S. and Canadian registered trademark of the Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc. CMI® is the inspection industry’s top professional designation and is awarded to qualifying inspectors who have demonstrated the highest level of competency.


The inspection includes an in-field evaluation and professional opinion of the performance of the readily accessible installed systems and components in a home including:

  • Structural Systems

  • Foundation including drainage in the surrounding

  • Grading, Surface Drainage & Landscaping Structure

  • Exterior Flashing, Trims & Wall Covering

  • Balconies, Steps, Decks & Porches

  • Eaves, Soffits & Fascias

  • Garage or Carports

  • Roof & Exterior Systems

  • Roof Coverings & Drainage Systems

  • Chimneys, Skylights & Roof Penetrations

  • Interior Systems

  • Insulation and Vapour Barriers

  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems

  • Attic Ventilation

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Water Supply and Distribution Systems

  • Drain, Waste & Vent Systems

  • Water Heating Equipment and Associated Venting Systems

  • Fuel Storage and Fuel Distribution Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Service Drop, Service Entrance Conductors, Cables & Raceways

  • Service Equipment and Main Disconnects

  • Interior Components of Service Panels & Sub Panels

  • Overcurrent Protection Devices, GFCI & AFCI

  • Heating Systems

  • Air Conditionning Systems

  • Steps, Stairways & Railings

  • Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • Basement & Crawl Space

  • and many more...

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Maintenance inspections
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