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Do Thermal Imaging Inspections Live Up To The Hype?

Technology can be exciting, flashy, and neat – but is it always necessary? Hundreds of thousands will stand in line for hours for the newest smartphone. They spend a lot of money and time making sure they have the most recent upgrade. And this desire for new technology isn’t exclusive to cell phones and computers, people want the latest equipment in most areas.

In the Home Inspection industry, one of the more advanced pieces of technology that can be used is an infrared camera to complete Thermal Imaging inspections. But is this tool and Thermal Imaging inspections really worth the hype, or are people just fawning over the latest gadget?

A Thermal Imaging inspection is a non-invasive process that uses an infrared camera to measure and record the surface temperature of materials. Although this technology does let you see more than the naked eye, it is not x-ray vision and will not let you see through walls. Instead, infrared cameras capture images that use a color scale to show temperature differences on surfaces.

We understand that water leakage is a significant concern for our clients and we have also learned that water is the single biggest enemy of homes. This is why we have tailored our Thermal Imaging inspections to look for concealed water problems. During our Thermal Imaging inspections, our Home Inspectors will use infrared thermal imaging technology to look for hidden moisture in the most vulnerable areas, with specific focus on basements, areas around and below doors and windows, and ceilings below roofs and bathrooms.

Infrared cameras allow Home Inspectors to look beyond physical elements. Homes that appear perfect can have significant issues – you just have to know where to look. For example, while performing a Pre-Listing Inspection for a client, we used an infrared camera to investigate the ceiling below the newly renovated bathroom.

To the naked eye, the ceiling looks immaculate: no staining, no bubbling, no indication of any problems.

However, with infrared thermal imaging, the leakage is clearly evident.

Our industry-leading moisture meter confirmed the presence of water in the ceiling, saving the homeowners a lot of hassle.

Imagine how bad this leak could have become! A bathtub holds a lot of water. There was no visible evidence, but we discovered the problem during the Thermal Imaging inspection.

New technology is not always worth the hype, but in the case of Thermal Imaging inspections, it is. We can’t tell you whether the next smartphone will be a great investment, but we know that a Thermal Imaging inspection is. To learn more, please click here or call 613-402-1414.

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