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Do you know what you're buying?


When the housing market becomes competitive, many forego Home Inspections as a means of gaining an advantage in the bidding process. Others opt out of their Home Inspection clause as a means of saving money.

Not completing a Home Inspection may ultimately put you at a disadvantage and become a costly decision. As noted in the Toronto Star, “…an inspection wasn’t done and the discovery of problems with the roof meant $10,000 in additional costs for the buyer. Given the risk, you might want to ask yourself, ‘Can I afford not to have an inspection?’”*

A Home Inspection is a Wise Investment for the Following Reasons:

  • A trained individual is performing a comprehensive evaluation of over 400 systems and items in your home

  • It allows you to feel confident in the decisions you’re making in regards to your property, especially during negotiations.

  • A Home Inspection can make you feel more secure about one of the biggest investments of your life.

  • Educates you about your property and how to properly maintain it

With all your hard-earned money going towards purchasing a home, you want to ensure your investment is a good one. This is where a Home Inspection can help. While a Home Inspection is not a guarantee, it does help to mitigate risk and it also means a pair of trained eyes will take a closer and more analytical look at your future home.

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