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How Proper Grading Can Prevent Water Damage

Proper lot grading is an important consideration when dealing with wet basements. Home owners should know that no foundation wall system is completely waterproof. Water accumulating in the soil outside the building will usually leak through eventually.

The secret is to keep the soil outside the building dry. If the ground around the building slopes so that surface water runs away from the building, soil close to the foundation is dry and the basement is far less likely to leak.

The theory is simple. If there is no water in the soil on the outside of the foundation wall, no water will get into the interior. Most wet basement problems can be eliminated or dramatically reduced with good grading and proper performance of gutters and downspouts.

The ground around the home should slope down six inches for the first ten feet away from the home. This can often been done by adding topsoil. Helpful hint – don’t use sand or gravel!

So check around your house today and make sure you have proper lot grading. It will prevent you the headache and cost of water damage in the future.

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